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Meet the Newest Orphans at PCH

Vivian (left) and Lillian (right) have joined us at the PCH Home in Kenya. These girls were wards of the state as OVC (Orphaned Vulnerable Children) and have been rescued by Kagendo to have a new life at PCH. They just arrived in early October and already have smiles as they adjust to their new surroundings. If you would like to help support the care for these and other orphans at PCH, please visit our website at to make a donation. Your contribution will help to nurture these chirldren and give them a hope that they never had before. There is also an opportunity to sign up for regular monthly giving through Paypal that allows you to use a credit card for the donation. 

View the PCH Campus on Google Earth

Here is the address to put into the search area of Google Earth to view the PCH campus from the satellite image:

Joram G.M Academy Primary School, Kajiado, Kenya

Put the title in exactly as shown above, then center and double click the red balloon until you see the entire 16 acre campus. The newly built Rehoboth home and the start of the next home can be seen about halfway up the left hand border. The Ebenezer Home is the L-shaped red roof above the Rehoboth Home. Zoom out and you can see other towns in the area, including Nairobi, which is about 20 miles to the East-Northeast.

PCH Gets Campus Greened Up with Trees

A group of members of LaVerne Height Presbyterian Church saw an opportunity to make the PCH campus greener and more sustainable at the same time. They provided funds to plant over 600 trees at the campus that can be used in the future as firewood for fuel. The trees are just saplings when they are planted, but the climate at the campus, which is just south of the Equator, allows the trees to quickly grow. Many of the orphans came out to help with the tree planting and will get to watch them grow over the next few years. While the trees are growing around the perimeter of the 16 acre campus, they will provide shade and a lush appearance, which will add to the charm as new prospective students and their parents visit the campus. Thanks to all who participated in this worthy cause!

To see how you can help PCH, visit the Give tab on the website: http://providencekenya,org/give-2

PCH Orphans & Staff Safe in Wake of Kenyan Violence

Many of our donors have been worried about our orphans and staff in Kenya following the violence at the Westgate mall in Nairobi on Saturday. None of our children or staff have been directly affected by this violence. Our campus is about 20 miles west-southwest of Nairobi and is far away from the area affected. Our Kenya Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Githumbi, and his wife, Hannah, live in the western area of Nairobi, and are much closer to where the violence occurred. We are happy to report that they are safe and unharmed. Please pray for Kenya and for a peaceful resolution to the violence so that life in Nairobi can start to return to normal.

Dedication of New Boy’s Dorm

Recently, the new boy’s dorm for the High school of Joram G. M. Academy was dedicated. See pictures on the slideshow below of the dedication ceremony.


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