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PCH Fundraiser In Kenya Big Success!

The Kenya Board of PCH held a fundraiser on March 1 at Ngong Presbyterian Church in Matasia, near the orphanage. This is the church the girls attend on Sundays, and their pastor, David Ntore is one of the Kenya Board members. All the Kenya Board was present as were the staff of the Orphanage Home. Over KSH250,000 ($3,200) was raised at the event. All the money will go towards the care of the orphans at PCH. To see a few pictures from the event, click on the link below:

PCH Benefits from UMC Advance Matching Program

The United Methodist Church (UMC) Advance office held a one-day Donation Matching Program on December 3, 2013 to encourage donors to make additional donations to projects supported by the UMC. PCH is acknowledged as a sponsored project by the UMC and was included in the matching program. The UMC Advance office agreed to match the first $500,000 in giving on that day. The program was hugely successful, generating over $6.5 million in donations to various UMC projects. PCH received $11,750 in direct donations. Because of the popularity of the program, the $500,000 that was matched passed in the first 2 1/2 minutes on December 3. PCH received $1,500 in matching funds, giving a total of $13,250 raised in one day. The UMC Advance office is expected to continue this program in December 2015, so keep that in mind for your PCH donation plans at the end of the year.

Thanks again to all who participated!

Azusa Pacific Psychology Students Visit PCH

For the past five years a group of select graduate students studying psychology at Azusa Pacific University (APU) traveled to Narobi, Kenya every summer. The Graduate Psychology Kenya program affords students the unique opportunity to provide an array of mental health services to children and adolescents in a global setting. This program was designed by one of APU’s Graduate Psychology faculty members, a Kenyan native, Dr. Charles Chege, Psy.D. The most recent trip to Kenya, hosted a group of twelve students comprised of clinical psychology master and doctoral candidates. Dr. Charles Chege and Dr. Samuel Girguis, Psy. D., led and supervised the summer 2013 team. Students provided psychotherapeutic services at four participating sites located in the southwest region of Kenya. A multidisciplinary team of four APU student therapists were assigned to Providence Children’s Home (PCH) & Joram Gitau Memorial Academy (JGMA). PCH and JGMA are part of the original participating sites.  

One on one counseling (640x477)

One on one counseling

Psychology Students with Orphans (610x454)

Psychology Students with Orphans


 During the two-week global practicum at PCH and JGMA, student therapists conducted numerous sessions of brief individual psychotherapy and eight group therapy sessions.  Presenting problems addressed in therapy varied significantly for each child. For example, students attended therapy to discuss challenges that manifested in unsatisfactory academic performance or to have the opportunity to grieve the loss of a beloved family member. Group therapy focused on educating students on topics such as how past traumatic experiences can affect the mind and body, and obstacles that arise when pursuing higher education or establishing career goals. Additionally, the team facilitated a teacher and staff workshop that addressed effective long-term classroom management and academic success. Teachers and staff members attended the workshop in high numbers and came prepared to constructively interact with the material presented by APU’s team. A rich discussion transpired, and attendees dialogued openly about positive and negative aspects of discipline strategies currently in use.  It is hoped that the Graduate Psychology Kenya program will include PCH on future trips.

UMC Advance Offers $ for $ Match for PCH Donations

The United Methodist Church is offering a one-time opportunity to give to PCH and they will match your gift dollar for dollar, for donations made online on December 3, 2013 only. This is a great time to consider making your end-of-year donation to PCH and provide double the value for the benefit of the orphanage, school or clinic. The website to make your donation is: . At this link, enter the PCH Advance number, 3019212, and the PCH link will appear. Click on this link and then click on the big red GIVE NOW button on the right to enter your donation.

You don’t have to be Methodist to give to this site! All donations are accepted and you can use a credit card. However, we will be vying for the matching with other worthwhile projects and only the first $500,000 will be matched. Donations up to $10,000 will be accepted for matching. Please tell others about this opportunity so we can double the donations for PCH. Remember, one day only, next week on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, and make your donations early to be sure to get the matching!

Prescott Family Crowd Funding Project Benefits PCH

A group of musicians in the Los Angeles area have put together a compilation of original recordings into a CD project called, “Prescott Family Compilation Vol 2.” They have produced a limited number of CD’s and are reaching out to the public to sell these through crowd funding. All production costs have been paid by the artists who performed the songs. So, all proceeds will benefit PCH and the orphans at the Home. Check out the project at the link below to see if you might be interested in participating in this event.