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PCH Fall 2015 Mission Trip Open for Registration

2012 Mission Trip (640x533)If you want to visit the PCH Kenya campus and can get away this fall, here’s your chance. Larry Watson will be leading a team to Kenya from October 24 – November 7. This will be a low-key trip with emphasis on spending time with the orphans, school children and staff. We will do some light project work fitted to the skills of the team.  This will likely include painting classrooms and planting sapplings, among other things. The cost will depend on your point of origin but is expected to be $2,000 – $2,500 per person. This will not include a safari, but one can be arranged at the end of the trip for those wishing to participate in that. If you are interested in this fulfilling adventure, please contact Larry Watson at (919) 805-4399, for more information. 

To register for the trip, go to .

California High Tea Helps PCH Orphans Go To College

On February 13, a group of about 60 ladies met in Southern California to enjoy High Tea and to help raise money for PCH orphans graduating from high school. The event was a rousing success with over $8,000 pledged to the benefit of the PCH College/Vocational training fund. We currently have one orphan attending nursing school, Valentine Kekoi. She is doing quite well with her studies and has set the example for the six seniors now in high school who will graduate at the end of this year. It is estimated that the cost for college or vocational training beyond high school will be $4,000 per year per student. So, a total of $28,000 per year needs to be pledged to meet these needs for at least the next three years. If you would like to join in and pledge for this great cause, please visit our website at and click on the GIVE tab. There, you will find the link to the College/Vocational training fund.

The girls for whom college/vocational training funds are needed are as follows:

Cynthia 2012  Felista 2012 (640x427)  Lillian 2012 (640x427)  Valentine

Cynthia Lutome                Felista Wnjiku          Lilian Atieno              Valentine Kekoi


Mercy 2012 (640x427)  Rahab  Sharon

Mercy Sidho                              Rahab Wacu                                       Sharon Amondi


Pictures from the Tea:

IMG_8416IMG_8413  IMG_8417 IMG_8418 IMG_8419 IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8422IMG_8407 IMG_8414

Giving Tuesday (Monday) Can Benefit PCH

This coming Monday, December 1 at midnight EST marks the start of the 24 hour Giving Tuesday. In that time, the Advance program of the United Methodist Church (UMC) is willing to match dollar for dollar the first $1 million donated toward projects recognized by the Advance, of which Providence Children’s Home (PCH) is one. Last year, The Advance offered a similar program with only $500,000 of matching funds available. The matching funds were gone in the first 5 minutes of the program. If you were planning to make an end of year donation to PCH and want to take advantage of this opportunity to extend your giving through this program, here is what you need to know:

  1. You can give to PCH regardless of church affiliation by cutting and pasting the following address into your browser or clicking on the link:
  2. Do not expect your donation to be matched if you cannot make the donation within the first 10-15 minutes of the program start. The time of start in your time zone is as follows:
    1. Eastern – Monday, December 1 at midnight
    2. Central – Monday, December 1 at 11:00 p.m.
    3. Mountain – Monday, December 1 at 10:00 p.m.
    4. Pacific – Monday, December 1 at 9:00 p.m.
  3. You will need to use a credit card to make your donation and the maximum that will be matched is $2,500, though a donation greater than this will still be passed on to PCH.
  4. You can make a designation of how you want your donation to be used by clicking on the Memorial or Honor Gift item in the Gift Duration area of the donation form. Then select Gift Type “In Honor Of” and type “PCH” for First Name and your designation for Last Name. Our suggested designations by priority are:
    1. Support for the orphans ($100+ supports one child for a month)
    2. Building a new girl’s dorm for the school (Total cost of $125,000)
    3. Greenhouse to provide food for the Home and School (Total cost of $5,000)
    4. Solar Water Heaters for the two Homes (Cost of $5,000 each)
    5. De-Salination facility for water quality at the whole campus (Total cost of $10,000)
  5. If you want your donation recognized by a local UMC church, list the name of that church in the appropriate area of the donation form. They will be notified of the donation by The Advance office and this should appear with your other church donations for 2014.
  6. All matching funds received by PCH will be placed in our general fund, to be used as directed by the PCH board.
  7. If you are not sure your designation got received, you can send a note to: to ensure that it gets designated to the purpose of your choice.
  8. Donations made after the matching runs out will still be sent to PCH by The Advance office. They just won’t have any matching funds associated with them.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact me at the contact information below. Thank you again for your faithfulness to the ministry of PCH. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and enjoyable holiday season!

Larry Watson
Chairman & Executive Director
Providence Children’s Home
(281) 751-7352 (O)
(919) 805-4399 (C)

Golf Tournament in Texas to Benefit PCH

To raise funds for charity every year the men’s group at Sugar Land First United Methodist Church, hosts “The Ron Barker Memorial Golf Tournament (RBMGT).  For the last two years and again this year the net proceeds will go to Providence Children’s Home.  This note is to invite you to participate and to ask you to “Save The Date”.  The date for the 2014 Tournament is Monday, October 13 (Columbus Day), and it will be held at Quail Valley Golf Club, Missouri City, Texas.  There will be a shot-gun start, followed by dinner, awards, live auction and silent auction.  Please join in and spread the word to friends and neighbors.  Registration will be on line (see the link below).  The entry fee will be $125 per person or $440 per 4-person team.  If you know anyone or a know of a company that would like to be a sponsor, or donate items for our auction, please contact Ken Ticer at  or 832-236-8627.  For information about the tournament, registration, and sponsorships please go on-line to:, or contact Ken for more information. 

Golf Pic

A Record Mission Team of 35 People Visit PCH in Kenya

June 2014 Mission Trip

In June 2014, thirty-five people from the Southern California region traveled to Providence Children’s Home for ten days. This group is the largest mission team sent to PCH to date and included many youth and young adults, which is also a first for PCH. This group met regularly to plan starting in October 2013 and they raised $44,000 for their projects.

June 2014 4

The team constructed two large playgrounds; one for the school and one for the orphanage. This was no easy task, as sand pits with retaining walls had to be constructed and concrete footers poured. There were many obstacles along the way including the need for unexpected funds to complete the project. For a while it looked like this project would not be finished in time. But with the help of local day workers and the hard work and dedication of the mission team men and women who coordinated this effort, it was completed without a day to spare. The dedication of the playgrounds and the faces of the small children climbing on the equipment for the first time will forever be etched in this team’s memory.

June 2014 5

Bibles were provided to the twenty-two new orphan girls with their names inscribed on the covers. All the other girls had similar Bibles given to then during the 2012 mission trip, which they still cherish. Each day mission group members teamed up with orphanage girls for worship music, bible study and prayer together as a way to support one another. The close relationships built were very obvious on the last day when it was so difficult to say goodbye.

June 2014 3

Students in grades 1-5 participated in art projects, science experiments, and learned new physical education activities. The enjoyment of watching children make and eat ice cream for the first time, learn the game of kickball, have fun with a PE parachute, and use color pencils for the first time was sight that brought tears of joy to the team. Over thirty soccer balls and basketballs were brought and new basketball hoops and nets were installed. Watching the kids play with a new soccer ball was quite the sight to behold when all they had to use for a soccer ball was a filled sock or balled up paper. The team also brought ten cameras and two photo printers that were shared by the older orphanage children. They took photos during the time the team was there and created their own personalized scrap book of memories, something they all cherished.

IMG_4738 (640x427)   IMG_4119 (640x427) IMG_1344 (640x480)    IMG_1296 (640x480)


Many craft projects were organized, but one highlight was bringing t-shirts for the orphanage girls to cut and decorate with ribbon. The girls could hardly get themselves to cut a perfectly good, brand new t-shirt. Understandable when they only have two or three sets of clothes, one of which is their school uniform. The orphanage girls practiced a dance routine and performed for the entire school and five guitars were brought to add to the six existing. Guitar lessons were given daily to almost all the orphanage girls with the exception of the very youngest. The children from the orphanage were also taken on two field trips, one on a hike into the Ngong Hills and the second to the Nairobi National Game Reserve Walking Safari. A highlight for the PCH children on the field trips was having KFC and soda pop. The team also made French toast for the kids one morning. This was quite the change from the daily bread and porridge.

IMG_5555 (640x427)   IMG_5549 (640x427)  June 2014 2   IMG_5542 (640x427)

Twelve teachers were a part of this mission team and conducted daily intensive staff development for the Providence teachers, grade 1-8. This was an extension of the teacher training that was conducted during the 2012 mission trip. The PCH teachers learned about Thinking Maps, ELA comprehension strategies and Math skill strategies that have changed the way they think about instruction. Certificates of completion were presented to each PCH teacher and principals who participated in the training. Additionally, class sets of color pencils, pencil sharpeners, water paints and crayons were provide to each class, grades 1-8, including replacement sets. Three Psychologists/Counselors conducted team counseling sessions for the orphanage girls which for some was one of their favorite experiences.

IMG_6626 (640x427)

Wiltsey Middle School, in the Ontario-Montclair School District, since starting their journey to become an International Baccalaureate (IB) School, has built a strong relationship with Providence Children’s Home. Ten Wiltsey staff and teachers participated in this trip. Wiltsey students have been pen-pals and Skyped with the school and orphanage children during the past three years, and last year they raised money for a milk cow for the orphanage. As a part of an IB project, a group of Wiltsey students took it upon themselves to raise money and put together a pencil pouch for every PCH student containing two pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, hard candy treats and a personal note in both Swahili and English encouraging the PCH students to continue with their education. The theme was “Pamoja”, meaning together. The personal message read “together we can accomplish great things”. What a powerful message and handing these gifts out to over 500 students was like Christmas in June!

After the mission portion of the trip, the team spent four days on safari in Tanzania. They visited the Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks and the Ngorongoro Crater, the eighth wonder of the world. It was amazing to see elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, buffalo, hippos, baboons and many other wild animals so close and in their natural environment. The highlight was seeing a lion feast on a zebra caught the night before and a cheetah chasing a gazelle right in front of safari jeeps.

This was a trip that will not soon be forgotten by the team. Weeks later, team members still speak about the way it has changed their thinking and their lives, and how PCH is constantly on their minds. The team went to minister and serve, and like so many other mission trip members before them, they came back feeling ministered to, and receiving a blessing rather than being the blessing. Providence Children’s Home is a very special place that will do that to you.

The entire mission team would like to thank the staff and children of Providence Children’s Home for making our team feel so welcomed and for being such an inspiration. On behalf of the mission team and all the children at PCH, we would also like to send out a huge thank you to all of our financial donors who made all these projects a reality. You were with this team in spirit every step of the way and we felt your prayers and support. Without you, none of this would have been possible. God bless you!!!

The 2014 June Mission Team