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Our Initiatives

A five pronged vision guides the specific goals and initiatives for PCH:

1.  Through the PCH campus near Ngong, Kenya, PCH will provide a secure and loving home and quality education for Kenyan children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

  • Establish campus family homes where each child is protected, nurtured, and loved and create programs that meet the psychological, social, and medical needs of each child.
  • Design and implement an accredited curriculum that stimulates challenges, and imparts a lifetime joy of learning for each child.
  • Establish and maintain a support system that includes home parents, while maintaining relationship with the child’s community and extended family of origin.

2.  As a Christian institution, PCH will provide Christian witness, education, nurture, and fellowship for the children, faculty, and staff of the school, while meeting Kenyan educational requirements that mandate teaching about all of the religions practiced in Kenya.

  • Develop student led programs to promote Christian witness in both primary and high school.
  • Establish ongoing religious education in keeping with established curriculum.
  • Develop Christian nurture programs enabling spiritual growth for students and staff.
  • Establish opportunities for fellowship among students, faculty, and staff.

3.  Provide vocational training and set up students as entrepreneurs in small industries, thereby integrating the children of the campus into the surrounding community.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders, community leaders, students, and PCH staff to determine a vocational laboratory curriculum.
  • Establish and support mentor/community/student relationships throughout the course of projects and classes.
  • Commit and maintain specific resources for projects and classes arising out of vocational laboratory curricula.
  • Produce graduates who are critical thinking and problem solving individuals with specific skills.

4.  Enroll U.S. citizens in a solution to the needs of HIV/AIDS orphans, applying American resources in conjunction with those in Kenya to create a model for addressing this crisis.

  • Establish a fund raising team to develop a donor base through promotional materials and events.
  • Establish an education team to gather research material on HIV/AIDS in Africa and to develop promotional and presentation material.
  • Establish U.S. and Kenya logistics teams to organize and support work teams to our campus in Lower Matasia near the town of Ngong.
  • Work closely with the UMC VIM programs to identify opportunities for medium to long term volunteers to work at the Matasia campus.

5.  Follow a Long Range Plan by which the architectural and infrastructure design of the campus is defined and implemented to support the achievement of the goals listed above.

  • A clinic will be operated on the campus to provide health care to the children and staff, as well as the larger community.
  • Agricultural and animal husbandry projects are created on the  campus that provide healthy food for the children, staff, and supporting community.
  • The infrastructure of the campus is renovated and augmented to accommodate future growth.