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As a U.S. corporation, Providence Ministries (also known as Providence Children’s Home or PCH) is governed by a U.S. Board of Directors. The Board establishes the direction of the organization and sets policies and yearly goals and objectives to fulfill our Mission and to achieve our Vision. It also approves the annual budget and performs fund raising activities to meet our revenue needs. The operational activities of PCH performed within Kenya are overseen by a Kenyan Board of Trustees that works with the U.S. Board to ensure that the annual goals and objectives related to the campus needs are completed. The Trustees are responsible for hiring and managing the staff at the campus, including employees of the orphanage, school, and clinic. The campus staff supports the psychological, social, nutritional, spiritual, and medical needs of each child at the orphanage and school.

U.S. Board of Directors

Our U.S. Board of Directors consists of passionate and dedicated individuals who contribute their time and resources to PCH. Some have been involved since the founding of the campus, while others have been more recently compelled to perform  the often arduous, yet rewarding, duties as members of the Board. All of our Board members are volunteers and receive no income from PCH.

Kenyan Board of Trustees

Our Kenyan Trustees are a dedicated and impressive group of individuals who give generously of their time to steward the overall vision and initiatives of the Providence Children’s Home and Community Center. They meet regularly and often generously contribute their professional expertise without compensation.

Our children

The orphanage is now home to 47 girls from many different tribes, some of which do not normally speak to each other. Yet the girls at PCH have become true sisters to each other under Kagendo’s love and care. In order to maintain their tribal heritage and familial ties, each girl is provided an opportunity to travel back to their original tribal areas during the three school breaks each year. There, they connect with their extended families and stay connected to the cultural legacy of their birth parents. They attend classes at JGMA, are directly involved in providing food for the campus as part of their daily chores, and have become a regionally recognized singing group.

Kenyan Staff and Volunteers

Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly and are the muscles of our organization. They graciously tend to the day-to-day business of operating such a multi-faceted campus. Our first orphan homes are nurtured by the love and care of Elvira Kagendo Mburu and two helpers. The JGMA school is led by Headmaster, Peter Wamwere. He has been with the school since 2009 and has brought a disciplined approach to education that has made JGMA a school sought out by parents in the region. There are 14 teachers in the Primary School and 11 teachers in the Secondary School. JGMA employs a small office staff and several support staff, including cooks, gardeners, and security guards, many of whom live on the campus.

We feel strongly that, having such dedicated stakeholders in our Kenyan Trustees, staff, and volunteers, we are creating a campus that can sustain itself and flourish within the culture and community in which it resides.

The operations of PCH are overseen by Executive Directors in both Kenyan and the U.S. These positions are filled by seasoned former Board members who feel a calling to dedicate the majority of their time to fulfilling the mission before us.